Point B has always believed in ownership.

When the firm was young, we didn’t have offices…only a drop-in space. And in that space was a cabinet that contained many of the firm’s most important assets. On day one, you were given a key to all it held. The key was both a literal and symbolic representation of the ownership and responsibility entrusted to each person at the beginning of their Point B journey – from the founders to the newest associates.

We’ve grown a lot since the days of the cabinet.  But one thing remains true. Each person has the opportunity and obligation to shape the future of Point B – this is the nature of ownership.

When you join Point B, we trust you to make the right decisions. For our firm. For our clients. And for yourself.

Our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) cements our ownership culture by annually granting stock to employees. It’s a long-term, wealth-building opportunity not available on the open market, and one that reflects the value and the values of the firm. Point B is proud to be 100% employee-owned.

Choice and Flexibility

At Point B, choice and flexibility are a fundamental part of our culture, whether deciding how to organize your schedule, selecting the cell phone you want to use, or determining how much vacation to take, we recognize that one size does not fit all. We don’t have heavy handed policies. Instead we trust our associates to make wise decisions for themselves and for the firm.

Professional Development

Point B embraces the journey of development and sponsors a number of professional development and learning experiences to further your development of leadership skills, or domain expertise. To enhance each associate’s personal journey we provide an annual external training stipend for use towards development classes, professional associations, or conferences that match individual development goals.

Events and Activities

Point B hosts dozens of events in each of our markets each year to promote our thriving and vibrant culture. One of the most highly anticipated and well-attended events is the two-night, three-day annual getaway in each market for associates and their partners.

Health and Wellness

Looking for a health insurance plan that’s in sync with your needs? Want to take a short-term leave without jeopardizing your healthcare coverage? Point B provides a comprehensive benefits package that gives you security, flexibility, support, and personal choice.

Point B offers multiple medical plans, dental and vision coverage, flexible spending accounts (FSAs), disability and life insurance, access to a health concierge, and an Employee Assistance Program that provides confidential short-term counseling, referral services, and more.

Parental Leave

Point B offers six weeks of base salary for those welcoming a child to their family.

Pay Model

Our pay model reflects our commitment to flexibility and choice. We provide a base salary for our associates as they serve clients, transition between assignments and engage in professional development, and take vacation. Beyond the base salary, associates receive additional monthly pay for productivity beyond base expectations. This pay model enables real-time compensation for the work you do, and allows you to determine how much time off you want to take in any given year. We also offer an annual bonus that recognizes the outcomes of contributions you choose to make, and shares the benefits of a successful year.


Our 401(k) plan allows you to save both pre-tax and Roth (after-tax) money for your retirement with a diversified selection of funds to choose to invest your savings in. To further help associates with their financial wellness, we offer financial planning, education and guidance resources

ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan)

Our employee ownership plan is a qualified retirement plan with contributions that have outpaced the average 401(k) match by almost double since its inception. This plan allows you to benefit through annual allocations of Point B stock. Participant account values grow through these annual allocations, but may also grow over time through increases in Point B stock price.

HSA Fund

Point B also offers an HSA (Health Savings Account) eligible health plan thereby allowing you to shelter additional taxable income for medical expenses in an account that functions much like a 401(k).

529 Education Savings Plan

Selecting a pre-tax 529 plan for educational savings is daunting due to the multitude of plan options. Although Point B does not contribute to your 529 plan, we do offer support in selecting a plan through Gradvisor.

Associate-based Sponsorship Program

Part of the fabric of our firm is to help our communities thrive. Point B sponsors associates who take an active leadership role in non-profit or community boards via financial contribution. This allows our associates to make a difference with their skills, as well as provides the non-profit organization some added sponsorship dollars.

Flexibility and Leave of Absence options

Point B also supports associates in following their passions beyond work. On a small scale, this is experienced through the ability to manage your own schedule on a day to day basis. On a large scale, Point B’s flexible leave policy offers up to 4 months unpaid leave with full benefits. Although most often used for extended travel, the policy has also supported associates doing extended volunteer work both inside the US and internationally as well. It allows you to go big, but still return home to Point B.

Total Health

At Point B we believe one of the most important things you can do for your total health and wellbeing is to do what you love, with people you enjoy and respect, in an environment that is collaborative and supportive no matter your stage in life. This is the firm culture we have created and continue to cultivate each and every day.