Today, our client is working with portfolio companies to set GHG reduction goals using insights gleaned from the GHG tool. The firm has asked all majority owned companies to conduct a feasibility study to set their own Scope 1-3 reduction targets by EOY 2023.

Project Outcomes

Thanks to the development of the custom GHG tool, the PE firm can consistently and accurately measure portfolio company emissions, a major hurdle for financial institutions. This is helping the firm make smarter decisions, comply with emerging regulations, and stand out as a climate leader amongst its peers.

Key Wins For The Firm And Its Portfolio Companies

  1. Average cost savings of $20,000 USD or 33% compared to other software solutions.
  2. More effective tracking and management of GHG emissions across operations and investments. 
  3. Demonstrates commitment to climate action and provides a competitive advantage in attracting investors. 
  4. Smarter, faster decision making fueled by accurate assessment of portfolio company GHG performance.
  5. Standardized GHG accounting methodology across all 75 portfolio companies. 
  6. Set a baseline for engaging portfolio companies on performance and co-creating goals for future emissions reduction. 

Our client already took climate issues seriously, with a solid understanding of its operational footprint and desire to lead in this space. Now it has the tools needed to make a positive impact on the greatest contributor to its GHG emissions – its portfolio companies.

Thank you for giving us such interesting and thoughtful insights into our emissions profile. The tool is very clear and easy to use! It’s been such a pleasure to work with Point B.

Head of Sustainability & ESG  


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