We partner with public, private and nonprofit leaders to architect and deliver strategy, technology and transformation solutions to the world’s most pressing environmental, social and public health challenges. 

Our world is rapidly shifting. Challenges such as climate change, social justice, health equity, supply chain resilience, circularity and the energy transition can impact business performance, create existential threats, and present new growth opportunities. These challenges require cross-sector partnership and interdisciplinary solutions that serve customers, employees, investors, governments and our communities. We lead with empathy and more than 25 years of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and Social Impact expertise to help our customers manage the risks and capture new value streams created by environmental and social change.

Our Expertise

Build an Integrated ESG Strategy

Establish an Adaptive Path That Can Evolve Over Decades

Effective ESG strategy dives deep into your most pressing environmental and social issues and opportunities – whether you’re just getting started or further along in the journey. Our interdisciplinary, values-driven approach assesses your organizational maturity and creates a functional plan with actionable steps for sustainable change.

Turn Climate Ambition Into Action

Seize the Moment to Lead With the Greatest Market Opportunity of the 21st Century

It’s estimated that the market opportunity associated with the Net Zero economy represents over $4.4 trillion annually. Companies that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions realize cost savings while re-positioning their business for long-term financial sustainability. Our team can help you capitalize on this opportunity and reach your climate action goals, from climate transition planning to Scope 3 strategy.

Drive Business Value Through ESG Reporting & Disclosure

Use ESG Reporting as a Framework for Better Business Management

ESG and climate reporting is the new business normal. From the US SEC’s proposal for climate-related disclosure to emerging frameworks and regulations in the EU, today’s businesses need to stay ahead of the curve. Our team helps you confidently navigate the ESG reporting landscape and keep up to date with policy and market trends so you can meet stakeholder expectations and future-proof your business.

Move From DEI to DEI+J

Connect Culture and Values to Justice

A DEI and justice-informed strategy recognizes that action must harmonize environmental and social progress​. We view DEI+J from both internal and external lenses, so that your strategy incorporates your culture and employees as well as the commitments you make with customers, suppliers and partners. We help you lay the foundation with an evaluation of your DEI+J maturity and change readiness, then defining the conditions needed to set the stage for the future state visioning.

Social Impact Strategy & Measurement

Weave Impact Investment Tracking Into Overall Business Operations

Communities, employees and customers demand that companies play a greater role in addressing social issues among the most vulnerable populations.  Our approach to impact measurement helps organizations, non-profit and for-profit alike, evaluate the long-term change affected by philanthropic investments in strategic issues such as health equity, poverty alleviation, access to education, and workforce development.