The time has come to reopen your office doors. But what defines the “office” in a post-pandemic world? Some companies are making the bold statement that physical office spaces are a thing of the past. There are others in the opposite camp, claiming that they will return to the pre-pandemic normal of having everyone back in the office…as if nothing happened. 

But the reality is probably somewhere in the middle. Offices are reopening and organizations are flexing to provide employees with the choice of where, when and how to work. And leaders will need to embrace a new team dynamic – hybrid work where, at any given time, team members will be co-located and remote at the same time. Team leaders must adapt their management styles to embrace these new team structures. Old managing styles simply won’t work, and new skills around building empathetic connections, virtual teaming and location-independent equity must be taught and learned if an organization is going to truly evolve into a hybrid work environment.  

You will learn practical tips for leading a hybrid team in a new world including:

  • How to meet physical location challenges head-on with practical strategies.
  • Tactics and guardrails for defining and supporting “when” work is done by your teams.
  • How to build process and a set of tools that guide “how” work is done.
  • How to hold yourself accountable for promoting a healthy hybrid workforce.