Point B is a 100% employee-owned organization, with a locally-based business model that brings meaningful, triple bottom line value to our customers, communities, and employees every day.

We incorporate social responsibility into the fabric of our company by delivering positive outcomes for our customers, reducing our environmental footprint, impact investing, and fostering a healthy, diverse and inclusive workforce.

From the everyday decisions we make to our long-term vision, we are focused on doing the right thing to further the sustainability and prosperity of our customers, employees, communities, and future generations.

Point B’s Carbon Negative commitment aims to remove all emissions our company has created since our founding in 1995. Learn more about Point B's Responsible Sourcing initiative, focused on strengthening partnerships with suppliers that share the same deep commitment to sustainability and social responsibility as Point B and our customers.

Point B's Social Responsibility Framework

Our Impact Framework uses our four core value propositions as a lens to advance our investments in people, planet and profit. It also serves as a baseline to measure our company’s performance, mitigate risk, and adapt to change as people, technology and markets evolve.


Point B helps a remarkable group of customers to form, execute, and thrive. We use empathy and expertise to solve strategic problems, make transformative change, and cultivate strong, sustainable organizations. Many customers also engage us to help achieve their own social and environmental goals whether it’s through their core business models, philanthropic goals or CSR initiatives. Learn more about how we help our customers Invest in a Sustainable Future


Point B was founded for our people. Our founders were inspired by the idea that it’s possible to have an exciting career in consulting and enjoy the right work/life balance, too. It informs our local model of doing business and has helped us create a culture that’s come to be known as our “secret sauce.” It has inspired us to take some bold steps for our people, including our move to becoming 100% employee-owned in 2014. When our people can deliver exciting work and still stay engaged in their communities, everyone wins.


Service is a core Point B value and we are committed to accelerating positive social change in a big way. Point B supports community actions through corporate giving, pro-bono consulting hours, and paid time off for people to volunteer in their communities. We encourage joining nonprofit boards by offering training for new board members and making Point  B conference rooms available for board meetings and related activities. Through our Lift Program, we provide top-tier consulting services to nonprofits that could not otherwise afford them, with a focus on organizations that advance racial equity.


At Point B, social responsibility and sustainability live deep in our business model. By considering the financial, social, and environmental impacts of a business decision, sustainability and social responsibility shape the way we work. These CSR principles inspire us make decisions we can be proud of, knowing we’re doing the right thing to benefit our customers, our communities, and our company.

Our employee-owned firm is rooted in a set of strong core values and uncompromising ethics. Our 2020 Vision is guided by the belief that our people should have one W2 and multiple careers. We can achieve this vision by continuing to diversify and expand our business while keeping a keen commitment to our people, our customers and the communities in which we live and work. It’s just good business—and it’s the right thing to do. It’s social responsibility at Point B.

EJ Blanchfield, COO

Key Initiatives

Carbon Negative by 2030

As a company, we’ve decided to take immediate and radical action, embarking on an ambitious commitment to become carbon negative by 2030. We believe we can play an essential role in helping humanity solve for the greatest existential crisis ever faced, protecting future generations’ right to a healthy and habitable planet.  Our commitment establishes targets to significantly reduce emissions and remove and offset more carbon than we emit. We’re also determining how we will extend this commitment to remove historical indirect emissions from our supply chain.

As part of our pledge, we’re taking a close look at every area of our business, and what impact each has on our Carbon Negative goals. We’re looking at how we can reshape air travel and employee commuting. We’re evaluating our supplier relationships, internal operations and associate engagement.

As ambitious as our commitment is, we’re taking it a step further as we aim to remove all emissions our company has created since our founding in 1995.

Responsible Sourcing

In 2019, Point B launched our Responsible Sourcing initiative to strengthen partnerships with suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. We foster long-term business relationships that encourage sustainable, inclusive and responsible business conduct in our commitment to drive greater value for our customers, communities, partners and company.

3x Community Giving 

Taking actions to triple our community impact.

  • Accelerate Positive Social Change: Support our nonprofit partners in driving positive social change by providing expertise and resources, as well as through training and equipping community members with skills and knowledge to increase their impact.
  • Create a Prosperous Future for All: Extend our impact by partnering with our customers to design and implement solutions that address their most challenging problems and deliver financial, social and environmental value.
  • Extend Responsible Business Practices: Innovate new business practices that drive triple bottom line results— financial, social, and environmental—for our company and all stakeholders.