Point B is a 100% employee-owned organization, with a locally-based business model that brings meaningful, triple bottom line value to our clients, communities and associates every day.

We incorporate social responsibility into the fabric of our firm by delivering positive outcomes for our clients, reducing our environmental footprint, impact investing and fostering a healthy, diverse and inclusive workforce.

From the every-day decisions we make, to our long-term vision, we are focused on doing the right thing to ensure the sustainability and prosperity of our clients, associates, communities, and future generations.

Learn more about Point B's Responsible Sourcing initiative, focused on strengthening partnerships with suppliers that share the same deep commitment to sustainability and social responsibility as Point B and our clients.

Point B's Social Responsibility Framework

Our Impact Framework uses our four core value propositions as a lens to advance our investments in people, planet and profit. It also serves as a baseline to measure our firm’s performance, mitigate risk, and adapt to change as people, technology and markets evolve.


Serving our clients in the most ethical and responsible manner. Read More


Point B exists for the benefit or our people. Read More


Financial and emotional investment in the community. Read More


Making responsible business decisions at every turn. Read More

At Point B, charitable investment and environmental impact are just the tip of the iceberg. CSR means doing the right thing in our every day operations and decision making.

Our employee-owned firm is rooted in a set of strong core values and uncompromising ethics. Our 2020 Vision is guided by the belief that our people should have one W2 and multiple careers. We can achieve this vision by continuing to diversify and expand our business while keeping a keen commitment to our people, our clients and the communities in which we live and work. It’s just good business—and it’s the right thing to do. It’s social responsibility at Point B.

EJ Blanchfield, COO