We bring expertise to financial services organizations looking to thrive now and in the future. Our experienced consultants bring broad industry knowledge and work alongside our customers to translate business objectives and strategies into sustainable results.

Our Expertise

Process & Performance Improvement

Point B’s Operational Process Improvement practice helps customers solve complex strategic and operational problems from diagnosis through implementation. We are uniquely qualified to help organizations achieve and sustain operational excellence and competitive advantage across their entire value chain.

Technology Innovation

Point B offers a diverse array of IT Advisory Services to help IT leaders create focus, identify areas for improvement, and successfully develop and execute plans to increase effective use of technology. Our agnostic approach to technology ensures that we always have our customers best interests in mind. We do not promote a one-size-fits-all approach; our independence and breadth of experience serving clients across numerous industries and roles allow us to consider a wide range of options to create the best outcome.

Industry Regulatory Compliance

The regulatory landscape is always changing. Superior program leadership capabilities enable an organization to either get ahead of the changes or respond in a more nimble manner than competitors. While many firms just meet the deadline, we help our customers think ahead to understand impacts so they’re better positioned to meet mandated timelines and plan for what comes next.

Information & Data Security

Information security is top of mind for most CIOs in the Financial Services industry. Point B offers a comprehensive set of information and data security services that help information security and risk management teams ensure they are making the necessary investments to safeguard their operations and information, while getting the most value out of each dollar spent on security.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Point B combines deep industry expertise with mergers and acquisitions execution skills to help our customers conduct effective diligence processes, prepare for critical close and Day 1 activities and develop and implement a "first 100 days" plan together with a post-merger integration road map.

Risk Management

Point B delivers a proven, repeatable risk assessment process that gives you a holistic view of your organization’s most critical challenges to managing risks while sustaining growth. We provide pragmatic, effective recommendations to mitigate those risks. Leveraging our deep expertise in the financial services industry we combine our expertise in strategy, project management, risk management and operations to generate relevant, executable recommendations for mitigating the risks that will slow or stop progress.