We work alongside you to help propel your business forward, applying our proven success in helping world-class manufacturers transform, modernize and respond to an ever-changing environment.

Our Expertise

Workforce Transformation

Advances in digitalization and technology promise to transform the future of aerospace.  But given the fierce competition for talent, it will take a workforce transformation to turn that promise into reality. We apply our deep knowledge of the evolving aerospace ecosystem to lead workforce transformations that work, ensuring connection to your business strategy and the right balance of skills across your organization.

Strategy & Business Models

We develop technology-enabled growth initiatives that empower your organization to optimize operations and connect with customers in new ways. From understanding market trends that affect demand to identifying and capitalizing on creative customer acquisition and retention strategies, our team of experienced leaders apply customer-centered design mapped to your business goals to establish and grow an industry leading position.


Digital transformation is reshaping the aerospace manufacturing industry, and companies must move now to embrace big data. Organizations with the capability to make data-driven decisions will gain a competitive edge in understanding the market and maximizing operational efficiency. We help you gain greater insight by identifying, implementing, and leveraging the right mix of digital tools for your organization’s needs.

Manufacturing Processes & Operations

Establishing a resilient operating model is critical for supply chain stability. As customer demands and expectations increase, manufacturers must develop reliable strategies that minimize disruption and improve efficiency. Adopting innovative technologies can offset risks, allowing manufacturers to stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly globalized market.

Organizational Assessment & Design

If your people aren't organized and working as one, you’re missing out on efficiencies, productivity and engagement. We can help you design organization structures that align with your strategic objectives. Whether you need fine tuning, moderate adjustments or a complete redesign of your organization, we will help you get aligned. We customize our approach to meet your objectives, circumstances and culture.


Environmental, social and governance standards in the aerospace manufacturing industry are fast-changing. Establishing a strong practice within your organization can help you monitor and regulate changes, increase sustainability, and meet stakeholder demands. We deliver strategies at the intersection of people and technology to help you meet your goals, discover cost-saving opportunities and build a cleaner, more efficient operation.