Technology isn't just about keeping the lights on or providing your employees with the newest gadget. It's a differentiator for everything from customer experience to employee retention. And it's never been more critical: everything from your infrastructure to your staff's devices have to function flawlessly, with continuous availability and rock-solid security.

If you want to compete in today's marketplace, IT and the business must collaborate, working together with aligned priorities and shared goals. Point B can help you get there. Not only can we improve your security and reduce your IT spend, we can develop better ways for the business to collaborate with IT and deliver valuable insights by harnessing your data so you get the most out of your technology investments.

Our Expertise

Digital Services

We bring a broad, practical perspective to the challenges and opportunities of doing business in a digital world. Our field of view adds value whether an organization is starting a new digital initiative or looking to modify its digital presence.  Read More

Business Intelligence

It's not enough to have the most current technologies—the digital work is always evolving. You need applied thought leadership to help keep you advancing. We'll help you research new technologies, including the Internet of Things; ensure that they support and achieve your business goals, and help you prototype and pilot solutions.  Read more

Business Collaboration

Speed is the name of the game in today's fast-evolving business environment. Organizations need to react quickly to challenges and opportunities. Traditional corporate silos must be broken down, giving your organization room to provide an increasingly distributed, mobile and technically aware workforce with dynamic ways to engage, communicate and share knowledge. We can help you avoid collaboration chaos by gaining a clear understanding of user behaviors and needs, then match those needs with the right tools to ensure a successful technical implementation and long-term user adoption.  Read more

Cyber Security

We work with you to make sure your infrastructure is secure and compliant, no matter whether you're running an on-premise data center with rigid security protocols or a cloud-based operation whose employees own more types of devices than there are stars in the sky. Since we're not affiliated with vendors, our advice isn't influenced by third parties. Instead, we focus on your business needs.   Read more

IT Advisory Services

We help you transform IT into a strategic asset for your organization. Our advisory services span IT strategy development and execution, IT management and operational assessments, IT capability road mapping and development, and IT governance and risk management. We also provide interim leadership to effect change or solve short-term resource challenges.  Read more

IT Infrastructure

We'll help you determine a strategy for your infrastructure and create a strong foundation for it, so you can support the applications that add value to the business. Our consultants provide fresh, independent thinking and expertise in infrastructure assessment and strategies, data center facilities, and cloud computing and infrastructure sourcing, so that IT becomes a partner to the business, instead of just a cost center.  Read more

Software Advisory Services

We use technical expertise, real-world experience, and an independent perspective to help our clients find the best solutions to their software challenges. Our services include software strategy, design, delivery, and process improvement, delivered with an understanding that, despite its technical nature, software development and maintenance is a people-centric activity.  Read more

How We Help

Mastering Adaptive Design: Multi-Channel World Engagement

Reduced operating costs and enrich the customer experience at all digital touch points.

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Putting Patients First with a New IT Strategy

Helped Northwest Kidney Centers develop a comprehensive IT vision and strategy.

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Insights & People

Everyone Can Win the Data Tug of War

Achieve a three-way win for users, IT and the enterprise.

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Data Center Migrations

The keys to unlocking a successful migration.

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