We focus on enabling possibilities. Now more than ever, it’s critical for health plans to strengthen their brand and member experience by consistently delivering as a trusted partner across the health care ecosystem.  The opportunities that your members have to experience their health plan as a trusted partner across their lifetime health journey is in front of you.

Our customers know this requires continued focus on understanding and addressing unmet consumer needs while building relationships through consistent, value-add interactions. Positioning for agility in a rapidly evolving environment where consumer choice is heightened, and the economic and regulatory landscape requires building for and driving adoption of digital tools by both consumers and an engaged workforce. Point B brings proven expertise from the healthcare industry and beyond, helping to form and execute innovative strategies and solutions that meet the challenges and realities of today’s environment.

Our Expertise

Marketing for Growth and Retention

Fierce competition for membership and the imperative to understand and maximize the value of every channel is paramount for payers. This requires thinking beyond just the marketing function and into all member-facing areas of the organization as a whole to create an adaptable and differentiating member-centric approach. We help our customers develop and execute market-leading strategies by aligning structure and roles, delivering clarity of process, and integrating purpose-built tools and technology that are all designed with the member at the center. Learn more. 

Access & Member Experience

Increasing consumer expectations and the need for more human-centered care are raising the bar for payers to engage with members on their terms.  We help our customers understand the unmet or underserved consumer needs that are the underpinning of the human healthcare experience.  Working with our customers, we clearly define, design and deliver on value-add actions that make it possible to close gaps and elevate the member experience using human-centered approaches combined with value-stream mapping, capability maturity assessment tools and digital portfolio rationalization.

Business Model Optimization

Consumer-centric healthcare has created an imperative for payers to continually review, clarify and execute on key initiatives, while minimizing disruption to daily operations. Our adaptive strategy approach, grounded in value-driven quantification and financial scenario modeling, enables organization-wide engagement and buy-in at each step along the way. Using a disciplined business model innovation framework, we help our customers focus on promising concepts and explore alternative strategic scenarios to best position the organization for success.

Administrative Cost Reduction

We know this is always a strategic priority – especially in an economic downturn. We enable cost reduction that sticks through agile operations that are optimized through technology like RPM and AI. Point B capabilities include data-driven identification of improvement opportunities and ROI modeling to measure expected value before you need to make a significant investment.