With an investor mindset, we recognize change as opportunity and a necessity during the investment lifecycle.   

Navigating change through a people-first lens allows us to adapt our business transformation approach to accelerate process, technology and strategy adoption.   

Our execution focus, aligned with industry and cross-discipline expertise, drives attainment of your strategic goals and investment objectives.  We bring flexible teams to achieve value creation through specific and timely outcomes.  Once the co-designed results are reached, we transition to portfolio leadership to lead sustained capacity, maintaining and realizing growth.

Our Expertise

Maximize the Value of M&A and Exits

We bring over 20 years of experience facilitating mergers and acquisitions for our customers. Add-Ons, Rollups, Carve Outs & Divestitures begin with a tactical bottom’s up assessment of readiness for acquisition, leading to optimized integrations and the ability to identify quick wins for value creation. At the heart of this, we believe in maximizing culture to create sustainable growth through a human-centered approach. The outcomes:  increased EBITDA, long-term enterprise value expansion and successful exits.

Digital Operations

Leveraging our long history of strategic execution across both start-up and established enterprises, we help portfolio investments bridge into technology-enabled operations and believe operations drives strategy through better execution.  We’ll help you realize return on investments by delivering on process improvement, rapid and sustainable cost reduction, and customer engagement tools.

Our methodology creates growth through efficiency – aligning behaviors with outcomes, balancing technology with optimized processes and taking control of how knowledge flows throughout your organization.   

Return on Technology Investments

We help our customers realize the return on technology or drive cost savings through strategic technology transformation – even as portfolio investments address their changing technology footprint, whether it be:

  • Newly acquired technology that needs a comprehensive strategy and integration plan 
  • Optimizing technology already in place through education and adoption 
  • Introducing new technology to better enable your people and processes 

ESG at the Core of Value Creation

Portfolio valuations and strategic growth have always been more than financial, we help our customers understand how their EBITDA and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) objectives can be achieved in tandem – rather than siloed, independent goals.  

Leveraging our long history with private investment, non-profit, and large enterprises, we bring multi-disciplined expertise and execution focus to create, tailor or drive your ESG efforts at the individual portfolio or full fund level.

Our framework combines cross-industry learnings and different enterprise objectives, as well as our own commitment to be Carbon Negative by 2030, to co-design the right ESG objectives for your portfolio companies.