With an investor mindset, we recognize disruption as opportunity. Across disciplines, we focus on operational excellence, aligning process to attain your strategic goals. We utilize our business transformation platform to affect positive change, bringing a tactical sensibility and depth of operational knowledge while maintaining our emphasis on rapid and efficient execution.

Our Expertise

Operations as a Competitive Advantage

We believe operations drives strategy through better execution; delivering on process improvement, rapid and sustainable cost reduction and customer engagement tools that allow you to realize return on investments. Our methodology creates growth through efficiency - aligning behaviors with outcomes, balancing technology with optimized processes and taking control of how knowledge flows throughout your organization.

Maximize the Value of M&A and Exits

We have over 20 years of experience facilitating mergers and acquisitions for our customers. Add-Ons, Rollups, Carve Outs & Divestitures begin with a tactical bottom’s up assessment of readiness for acquisition, leading to optimized integrations and the ability to identify quick wins for value creation. At the heart of this, we believe in maximizing culture to create sustainable growth through a human-centered approach. The outcome is increased EBITDA, long-term enterprise value expansion and successful exits.

Business Transformation

Disruption is inevitable in today’s ever-changing business environment. With the effects of COVID-19, leaders are forced to embrace dislocation and realize new, before unseen, opportunities. The unique perspective and values of Point B & Point B Capital™ allow us to focus on what is important to stakeholders when companies are going through these distressed situations and turnarounds. Our framework is born out of 25 years of practical consulting experience in process optimization, change management, customer success and complex transactions.

Capital Advisory & Investment Services

We are consultants and we are investors. Since 2010 Point B Capital™ has made early stage and inflection point investments in companies leveraging the same operational philosophy we deploy with our clients. We engage our Capital network and resources to invest in and with our customers by sharing risk and outcomes. Point B Capital™ allows us to find creative solutions that expand the number of opportunities for you and your partner companies.