Health and Life Sciences is undergoing some of the most disruptive change in history. We believe the future of health is built on empathy by truly understanding the needs of each individual. We help organizations exceed customer and employee expectations through a human-centered approach.


Our Expertise


Physical and digital are converging and organizations need to discover the balance. Connecting to patients, members and customers outside the facility in both the physical and digital world is now foundational. New models need to fully integrate all modalities of a telehealth channel – asynchronous, synchronous, remote patient monitoring and mHealth.


COVID-19 has accelerated the need for the healthcare community to work collaboratively resulting in unique partnerships and affiliations. It has also hastened the need for traditional M&A. All partnerships require a strong integration approach in order to drive value.

Customer Experience

Customer experience begins with understanding and addressing underserved or unmet needs in this disrupted environment. As expectations continue to rise, the need for a unified experience — one that is efficient, meaningful, and differentiating — has never been greater. The things that make it challenging — many stakeholders, unique needs, disjointed processes — are the same reasons a great experience is essential. We help our partners design, enable and execute a connected customer experience across all channels.


After years of experimentation and discovery, the significance of evolving from lab to marketplace cannot be overstated. Our team can help you develop plans tied to commercialization triggers and operational inflection points. This allows you to rapidly adjust priorities, resource levels, and project burn rate to preserve capital, while demonstrating regulatory compliance.

Growing without Growing

The way your assets operate every day will shape your destiny as a business. Efficient and synchronized operations drive competitiveness – of quality, price and experience. But for most businesses, as little as 10% of operational activity creates real value for customers. We can help you find a better way to use your assets to ensure your operations are focused on creating value for the business.

Medicare Operations

Scalable, repeatable Medicare operations require rigorous, cross-functional process controls across the annual enrollment lifecycle to maximize growth and retention while minimizing compliance risk. We help health plans design, develop and improve Medicare operations to achieve a clear line of sight from business strategy through claims processing and re-enrollment with minimal variability and greater control over quality and cost while achieving targeted growth.

Value-Based Care

Rapid growth and adoption of telehealth, value-based care, payer expectations and patient access challenges are triggering the need for model of care redesign. Now presents the opportunity to transform care or be left behind.

Business Recovery

Ramp up care delivery in a sequenced and safe way by identifying risk and assembling your plan. Focus on navigating patient perceptions, elevating non-invasive and telehealth services, managing staffing levels and re-engaging teams, and scenario planning for future COVID-19 waves and policy changes.