Health and Life Sciences is undergoing some of the most disruptive change in history. We believe the future of health is built on empathy by truly understanding the needs of each individual. We help organizations exceed customer and employee expectations through a human-centered approach.

Our Expertise

Virtual and Digital Care

Connecting to patients, members and customers outside the facility in both the physical and digital world is now foundational. Fully integrated models of care need to provide seamless, customer centric, access regardless of which physical or digital door customers enter. New models need to both fully use digital modalities such as remote patient monitoring and mobile health while not losing the personal connection of individual care.

Affiliation, Acquisition, and Partnership

Recent events have accelerated the need for the healthcare community to work collaboratively to create unique partnerships and execute mergers and acquisitions that will deliver on customer needs and create greater agility. To be successful these partnerships require cultural alignment and an approach to integration that delivers anticipated value in months - not years.  

Customer and Patient Experience

Customer and patient experience begins with understanding and addressing unmet needs. As expectations continue to rise, the need for a unified experience — one that is efficient, meaningful, and differentiating — has never been greater. The things that make it challenging — many stakeholders, unique needs, disjointed processes — are the same reasons a great experience is essential. We help our partners design, enable and execute a connected customer and patient experience throughout the life sciences, payer, and provider value chains.

Workforce Experience

Companies are facing a complex mix of workforce impacts due to the global pandemic - clinician and staff burn-out are at their highest levels, research facilities closed, clinical trials interrupted, and the need for employees and contractors to work remotely. A redefined workplace experience requires new ways of engaging and supporting your workforce. We work with you to adapt to the changes to maximize resource engagement and performance.​

Smart Growth

You don’t want to impair research by being stingy, but you also don’t want to spend on development or manufacturing activities too soon, either.  We can help you scale your operations efficiently through development flexible networks and Lean manufacturing.

Marketing for Growth and Retention

Fierce competition for membership and the imperative to understand and maximize the value of every channel is paramount for payers. We help our customers develop and execute on a vision that aligns structure and roles, delivers clarity of process and is aligned with technology. 

Business Recovery

Organizations need to be prepared to manage through the ups and downs of economic and pandemic changes. Creating a structured and agile approach to manage operational and financial impacts is critical to long-term sustainability.