From discovery to commercial launch, globalization to lifecycle management,  Point B brings industry expertise, pragmatic solutions, and human empathy to the business of life sciences.  The work of Life Sciences organizations is more visible than ever.  The pace of, and expectations for, scientific and medical advancements are growing exponentially.  Research and technology is converging resulting in powerful impacts like the acceleration of personalized medicine and decentralization of clinical trials.  These same advancements add significant scale and complexity to the operations of Life Sciences organization – diversity of their product and service portfolios, variability in their supply management, demand for new business and technology capabilities. 

Our Expertise

Patient and Provider Experience

In Life Sciences, experience design is a strategic and crucial tool that brings ease, trust and transparency in patient’s challenging search for life changing health solutions. It begins with a holistic understanding of the totality of the patients treatment journey – inclusive of the trusted providers, caregivers and support resources that make that journey possible. As treatment paths become more personalized, they also become more complex. This only increases the need for a unified experience — one that is efficient, meaningful, safe and effective. The things that make it challenging — many stakeholders, unique needs, disjointed processes — are the same reasons a great experience is essential. With decades driving results throughout the Health and Life Sciences ecosystem, We help our customers deliver unified and meaningful patient and provider experiences.

Workforce Experience

Organizations are facing a complex mix of workforce impacts as fallout from the global pandemic – research facilities closed, clinical trials interrupted, clinical caregiver burnout, and the need for employees and contractors to work remotely.  Some of these changes are temporary, others are permanent.  We work with you to adapt to the changes to maximize resource engagement, retention and performance.

Smart Growth

You don’t want to impair research by being stingy, but you also don’t want to spend on development or manufacturing activities too soon, either.  We can help you scale your operations efficiently through development flexible networks and Lean manufacturing.

Adaptive Supply for Changing Demand

Changing supply chain needs over the lifecycle of a product, coupled with changing patient and market demands, can make supply planning extremely difficult. We can assist with advanced predictive analytics for both supply and demand. Coupled with helping your workforce become more data capable, you can benefit from becoming an “insights-driven organization.”

Commercial Acceleration

The industry has long used the value of $1M per day to estimate the revenue opportunity presented by the launch of any new therapy. Add the heightened, global focus and expectations on life sciences advancements and, well… the need for safe, transparent, and efficient development and launch, can’t be overstated. Whether an early stage company pioneering a breakthrough platform, and diversified global biopharma enterprise, a diagnostic provider or device manufacturer, Point B’s commercial acceleration services help you accelerate time to positive patient outcomes.

Decentralized Clinical Trial Management

The design and management of clinical trials will forever be changed by the convergence of digital technology, advanced data analytics, enduring patient access barriers and the every growing hunger for faster (and faster) clinical discovery. Point B is universally known for putting people at the heart of business and technology solutions. That human experience centric approach combined with abundant experience driving technology enabled solutions across the healthcare ecosystem – provider, payer, life sciences, Point B is uniquely positioned to help your organization drive greater recruiting, retention and clinical advancement through decentralized trial management.