Point B builds business capabilities around your science. This accelerates your mission to improve lives and keep your people and those you serve at the heart of what you do.  

The work of Life Sciences organizations is more visible than ever. The pace of, and expectations for, scientific and medical advancements are growing exponentially. Research and technology are converging, resulting in powerful impacts like the acceleration of personalized medicine and decentralization of clinical trials. These same advancements add significant scale and complexity to the operations of Life Sciences organization – diversity of their product and service portfolios, variability in their supply management, demand for new business and technology capabilities. 

Our Expertise

Patient and Provider Experience

Strategic experience design is a critical component in bringing trust, ease and transparency into a patient’s search for life-changing health solutions.  As treatment paths become more complex, this increases the need for a unified experience across the entire treatment journey — one that is efficient, meaningful, safe and effective.  With decades of driving results throughout the Health and Life Sciences ecosystem, we help our customers deliver unified and meaningful patient and provider experiences. 

Cell & Gene Therapy

As innovative new therapies are developed, Cell and Gene Therapy companies face multiple challenges associated with the complex arm-to-arm processes of developing and releasing cell therapy products. These new therapies face unique challenges because of their build-to-order nature and must address regulatory, payer, provider and supply chain requirements. Point B brings the knowledge and proven methodology to assist growing companies in navigating the complex transitions, from R&D through commercialization and global product launches. Learn more.

Smart Growth

The way your assets operate every day will shape your destiny as a business. Efficient and synchronized operations drive competitiveness: of quality, products and experience. But for most businesses, as little as 10% of operational activity creates real value for patients. We approach operations with empathy and expertise to help you find a better way to use your assets. We help you ensure your operations are focused on creating value for the business. 

Dynamic Supply Chain

The 21st Century has introduced unprecedented challenges for bio-tech supply chain leaders. Point B helps you transition to a Dynamic supply chain that is:  

  • Connected: Maintaining visibility and integration throughout the end-to-end value chain 
  • Resilient: Withstanding shocks and rapidly capitalizing on emerging opportunities 
  • Scalable: Enabling market growth and lifecycle maturity 
  • Value-based: Using process and technology to sustainably maximize return on your limited time and assets 

Clinical Trials Innovation

The convergence of digital technology, advanced data analytics, enduring patient access barriers and the ever-growing hunger for faster (and faster) clinical discovery have forever changed the design and management of clinical trials. Point B puts people at the heart of business and technology solutions, and that experience with a human-centric approach drives technology-enabled solutions across the clinical trial ecosystem – investigator/site, patient, and sponsor.

Regulatory Transformation

As the regulatory environment becomes increasingly complex, reducing time to market, accelerating submission timelines and applying lessons learned from past interactions with regulatory bodies are all critical elements of regulatory transformation that can increase agility and result in medicines reaching patients sooner and millions of dollars for sponsors.  Digital and data transformation are fundamental areas where Point B is working with clients at the forefront of this transformation to accelerate the journey into this new world. 

Achieving a Return on Information

Accurate, accessible data is at the core of every life sciences initiative – whether it is clinical trial innovation, electronic filings, content reuse, cell therapy or supply chain optimization. Point B’s experience in solving complex data governance and master data management challenges has shown that having a future state vision is not enough – aligning people, process, data and technology is critical. We can provide the expertise to drive prioritization and actionable plans.